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Instagram Live Guide

Instagram Live Guide

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Imagine a world where you can talk directly to your target audience each week or even each day if you want too and get instant sales within 30 minutes

Well let me tell you a little secret....It's completely possible with Instagram Live

Since we are all on quarantine and chill aka in the house for the next few weeks its the PERFECT time to rebuild those relationships with your current followers and even make some new ones

One of the best ways to do that is through INSTAGRAM LIVE...you are literally able to facetime all of your followers at once and make real time connections

So let's see....

Facetime with thousands of your potential customers for FREE?!?!?! Yes please!

Now I know what you are thinking....why Instagram Live? Can't I just do that on me feed? 


While posting consistently on your feed is great it doesn't compare to Instagram live...

People are able to see you in real time ( what you currently look like and your mannerisms) this ultimately will increase their trust in you and make them want to buy

Now are you ready to dive into this guide?

What's included in the guide:

  • How to get started with Instagram live ( getting over the initial fear)
  • Tips/ guidelines of Instagram live
  • My process on how to make sales on Instagram live ( worksheet included)

After getting  this product you will be able too....

  • Host an Instagram live session with confidence and easy
  • Build authentic relationships that will turn your followers into your tribe
  • Establish yourself as an expert within your niche/industry
  • Create new forms of content that you can use on multiple social media platforms
  • Increase your weekly sales just by talking to your followers for 30minutes