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How to Increase Instagram Engagement Guide

How to Increase Instagram Engagement Guide

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Boosting Your Engagement

Imagine a world where you post a piece of content that you worked so hard to create and you actually get the engagement you want

A place where people are actually commenting ( not just liking ) your content and sharing it for your followers to see

Here is a secret...

YOU CAN! ( and you don't need ads to do it)

During The Shift

When I first shifted my Instagram page to a business I was struggling with trying to get the engagement I wanted on my content 

I would constantly see other business owners get all the comments & likes on their informative content 

I was constantly asking myself

" How Can I Increase My Engagement Without Using Ads"

Back then I thought the only way to increase your engagement was to run ads, go viral, or become spammy ( sending tons of DMs, comment, & likes)

That didn't work...Instagram shadow banned me

Then I started to think " The market is to saturated I don't have a chance"

Sound familiar ?


  • If you are tired of watching other businesses get all the likes & comments
  • If you want to learn actionable strategies you can use to boost your engagement TODAY
  • If you wish for a life that allows you to finally get the engagement you want on the content you work so hard for 
  • If you desire to learn how to kill Instagram

I am here to let you know that you are about to learn how to use Instagram and stop letting it use you

You don't need a large following to do this...

The only way to increase your engagement is to have the proper strategies & hacks

You Are Missing Out On Your Moment

Throughout that year I started to do tons on research and started testing out different strategies on ways to increase my engagement

By the end of the year I was getting thousands of likes on my content and ACTUAL comments from real people not bots

I focused more on:

  • Pouring into my audience
  • Showing up consistently
  • Providing value
  • Engaging with them

Which resulted in triple the engagement!I will reveal exactly how I did this in my guide

No BS or fluff

Just straight strategies that you can utilize to see results immediately

What is included in the guide?

  • Over 10+ pages of gems to help boost your engagement
  • How to read your insights
  • What each insight means
  • What counts as actual engagement
  • How to collaborate and double your engagement
  • My secrets on how to increase your engagement immediately
  • How to push your followers to actively comment on your content
  • How to increase your engagement by being yourself
  • How to leverage bigger accounts to boost your engagement
  • How to boost your engagement by cross promoting within your own profile

*bonus extra hacks on how to increase your engagement*

What will you learn?

  • How to triple your impressions without using ads
  • How to get the likes on your content you have been wanting
  • How to get your followers to share your content without you even having to ask
  • How to boost your engagement without using bots
  • How to double your reach and get your content in front of more people
  • How to create content that gets people talking in the comments

Who Is This Guide Designed For?

  • Content Creators
  • Business Owners
  • Bloggers
  • Influencers
  • Artist
  • Ecommerce Sellers

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